WPS Office 2020 v11.2.0.9629 Multilingual

The description

WPS Office is a powerful office for Windows users. This program, formerly known as kingsoft office, is now an office companion that can edit and view all types of doc, excel, powerpoint, pdf, etc. files. This program is fully compatible with Microsoft Office and files created by this program can be easily edited in WPS. Microsoft Word’s equivalent in this program is called Writer, which is responsible for viewing and creating text documents. In this program, you can easily edit the desired document according to your taste, adjust the margins, change the font and color of the text, functions such as spelling mistakes, creating space between lines, creating headers and footers, page numbering, display of changes made to the document, the ability to comment on different parts of the document, changing the size of pages, their formatting and many more other features are available like Word.

In WPS Office, presentation tools are provided to create slides. Using this program, like PowerPoint, you can produce rich slides with audio, video, and various media. Choose different transitions to switch between pages, use charts, graphs and information tables. Format texts used in slides and almost all features that were available in Microsoft PowerPoint are also available here. With the Spreadsheet tool, you can do the same things you did in Excel. We mean making spreadsheets. Pages where you can use 160 different formulas to automatically calculate your values ​​and formulas. Here you can also use pivot tables, filtering capabilities, data sorting, table styling, autofill fields, and advanced calculation capabilities.

WPS Office Software Features and Functionality:

  • Comprehensive tools to create text documents, presentation slides and create informative spreadsheets
  • Full compatibility with Microsoft Office and Google Docs/Apps
  • It contains more than 200 fonts and 100 attractive free templates
  • It has tools for teamwork such as document change tracking, comments and spelling mistakes
  • Over hundreds of formulas that can be used in spreadsheets
  • Support for document encryption and setting read and write permissions on files
  • And …

system required

System Requirements Operating System Requirements:
Windows XP / Windows Vista (32bit, 64bit) / Windows 7 (32bit, 64bit) / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Basic configurations:
Processor: Pentium II 266 MHz or higher
Memory: at least 128 MB
Hardware: at least 200 MB of available space-

Recommended configurations:
Processor: Pentium III 450 MHz or higher
Memory: 256 MB or more
Hardware: 250 MB available


SWP office

Installation guide

See the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

In general, the crack of this program is incomplete, and some Pro features cannot be used in the 2019 and 2020 versions.

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