Win10 time synchronization meditation

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Recently, after installing a dual system, I found that after switching from Linux to Window, the Windows time is not the current time, and the remaining time is in Linux. Because the Windows time is automatically synchronized, but the Windows server is not in China, it is easy to synchronize errors. Here are two ways to set up a home time synchronization server.

1. Enter ‘Control Panel'”> Time and regions”> Settings and history”> Internet time”> “Change setting”.
(Can’t find Control Panel, you can find it in Cortana or follow the image below)

2. Change the default server “” to your home time synchronization server.

1. Type “Regedit” in Run to open the registry.
2. ведите «hkey_local_machine \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ DateTime \ Servers”.
3. (By default) the corresponding data is 0, and the data in 0 can be changed to any internal source (corresponding data 1 and 1 are changed).

Tencent Cloud NTP Server:

Alibaba Cloud NTP Server:

When the Windows time is incorrect, enter the Date and Time Settings to “Sync” Windows Time “immediately”. Of course, you can also set the time manually.

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