Use the OUGPUSH exchange interface to implement the WeChat Jump Download

Recently, I encountered a requirement. My friend asked me to make a conversation in WeChat or in the public account list by posting a link or QR code. Select WeChat to open our app promotion guide to download the app. After receiving this request, our team is sent separately to find a solution to data mining. WeChat development documents and Tencent development documents, we have everything. The information was verified, but in the end only in the end, only in the end I found some historical information, that is, it can be closed earlier and found on the Internet a long time ago. We got better. If you can use Android phones, you can jump directly from WeChat by clicking on the link. Automatically open your phone’s default browser. IOS can be set up in the Apple Store to download and install. While the user still needs to be able to trust it on their own, it’s still a lot of iron from the past! Now I’m going to share this interface trader that I use!


The first step:

Step 2:

Enter the address of the link we need to jump to open in the address bar. Click Production


After the system receives the password, a fast speed dial and a QR code will be returned! Copy the link and save the QR code!


The fourth step:

At this point we have created 2D icons and links to boost links to promote the app. We can directly use WeChat to scan the QR code to share the exchange and promote it on WeChat. In this way, we can significantly improve the promotion and conversion rate of our WeChat app. We have solved the problem of downloading links in WeChat. Make full use of WeChat user groups to promote exchange.

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