The web version of Metal! Apple shares the latest WebGPU Standard results

Earlier this year, Apple called on W3C to create a new community group and discuss a 3D graphics feature on a future webpage. Apple’s Dean Jackson said the company plans to develop standard APIs to implement modern GPU features. Compared with WebGL, the WebGPU standard proposed by Apple is “more of an object standard”. In the developer community, some people compare the benchmarks proposed by Apple to the Web version of the Metal Graphics Engine.

Apple notes that the WebGPU standard allows developers to create and store objects of all representational states, and supports more directives for object manipulation. Thus, the tasks that need to be done during the drawing process will become smaller.

Apple has now shared a circular design and rendering of WebGPU, allowing developers to understand the new standard features. These demos allow developers to understand how the API works. If you want to try the WebGPU demo, you can go to the Apple Webkit blog to view an instance. Apple shared four demos together: a 3D and 2D sketch, simple rotating cubes, and a few action cubs.


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