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Configuration types

1. Steps for PISO-COR (command line)

Open the fileФайл-> Настройки предпочтения-> Изображение

Download service optionPicgo-core(command-line)I need to download for the first time, restart typo after downloading,

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Enter againФайл-> Настройки предпочтения-> ИзображениеCatalog, cPicgo-core(command-line)under the easelОткройте файл конфигурацииThe detailed configuration is as follows:

  • Alibaba Cloud Configuration (recommended, 40g storage 9 yuan a year)

      "picBed": {
        "uploader": "aliyun",
    	  "accessKeyId": "11111111",
    	  "accessKeySecret": "22222222",
    	  "bucket": "111111111",
    	  "area": "oss-cn-beijing", 
    	  "path": "typora/",
    	  "customUrl": "",
    	  "options": ""
      "picgoPlugins": {}

    Scope options reference document

  • github configuration

      "picBed": {
        "uploader": "github",
    	    "github" : {
    		  "repo": "username/reponame", 
    		  "token": "token",
    		  "path": "img/",
    		  "customUrl": "",
    		  "branch": "master" 
      "picgoPlugins": {}

    The code has been generated

  • Otherwise please refer to

2. Steps for PISO (application)

Picgo app download

Install the -in plugin

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Change Origin to Gitee and set up Gitee related information, save and set default drawing bed (see above).Picgo-core(command-line)GitHub configuration)

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Tipora is associated with the Gicgo app

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Place the bed on a custom plan

search stub -incustom-uploaderCustom Graph Bed can be installed on Corporate Bed

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