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One of the latest fast, simple and secure messengers for sending messages on Android, similar to WhatsApp, but with more features.
Creating a group, sending videos, photos, files up to 1 GB, various emoticons, and encrypting your information is one of the features of the Telegram app.

Telegram messenger features


Groups are one of the main parts of Telegram messages. So users can communicate with others by joining groups. The first groups were able to accept 200 members; But in later versions of Telegram, the ability to accept a normal group into a supergroup and increase members from 200 to 500 and then to 5,000 people was made available to everyone.
Since the March 2016 revision, group admins can place a pinned message on top of groups, also known as a “notice”. Among other things, it is possible to mention the selection of identifiers for groups and the creation of global groups, which provide users with the ability to search for groups based on identifiers.


Telegram channel is a one way channel where only admin can post required posts to channel members and other members cannot add posts in it. The channel can be used to send messages to an unlimited number of users. These channels can be public and all users can join or private and not everyone can join.


In June 2018, Telegram allowed third-party users to create bots. These bots are user accounts that run from a program.

Secret chats

Messages can still be sent with two-way encryption. These messages are encrypted using the MTProto protocol service.

voice call

In late March 2017, Telegram introduced its voice calling. Calls are made based on end-to-end encryption method for secret conversations.

video call

In August 2020, Telegram introduced its own video call.

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