StoryLab – Story Maker 4.0.4 Create a VIP Instagram story

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Story Lab

Story Lab

It is a professional and attractive story creator software for Instagram. StoryLab has highlight ready designs, 1300+ static and animated story designs and templates, 500+ ready to publish designs and templates, which can be used to create and design a story by choosing your photo and video. Story maker. In StoryLab, it is possible to add background posts, add filters, text animations, etc.

Some of StoryLab’s features

  • Huge collections of templates and stickers
  • Over 1,500 customizable Instagram templates
  • Various frame styles, you can choose classic and unique Japanese Nichi movie, etc.
  • Support for both photos and videos
  • Use Hype text anime like Shop Tipe to design your own animation template.
  • Dozens of high-quality wallpapers and textures with beautiful marbles and stars to create Picsart and Highlight Cover icons.
  • Change the background and use the ColorPicker to choose a color grid that matches your story.
  • Design your story with over 100 handwritten fonts
  • Become a Moodboard creator and create your Instagram Story texts and customize cover icon with spacing and alignment features
  • Decorate your story with beautiful stickers

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