Soul Browser Pro 1.3.32 A fast and powerful Android browser

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Soul Browser

Soul Browser

It is a fast, smart and powerful internet browser for Android mobile phones and tablets. One of the best features of Soul Browser is requesting browser environment, downloading video from torrents, and many other features.

Some features of Soul Browser

  • Automatic translation of the page
  • Go back to the previous page without refreshing the page
  • Saving data
  • Fast download
  • Edit the widget layout
  • Edit the list
  • Edit the search bar
  • Edit tabs
  • One hand position
  • Dark theme support
  • screen filter
  • study mode
  • Change the page text size
  • change the font
  • Convert text to speech
  • TV broadcast support
  • Security keyboard
  • Lock the screen
  • Use incognito mode
  • Support scrolling screenshot mode
  • Save all images within the page
  • video download
  • View the PDF
  • photo editor
  • Change DNS (using Android “VPNService”)

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