Snap 8.1.5 + Driver 4.8.3 Android Internet Taxi

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) is the first and largest intelligent transportation system in Iran. With Snap, you can easily and safely reach your destination or deliver your packages and shipments to your destination in the shortest time with just a few clicks. Snap is at your service 24/7 in Tehran, Karaj, Isfahan and Shiraz.

Learn about Snap’s various services
capture echo: The most popular Snap service, with economical and affordable prices and high quality service.
Snap Plus: for your special trips. Snap’s unique cars offer you high-quality service.
snap rose: Transportation service for women and children. The companions of this type of service are all women.
Snapbox: Order an auto courier with this service and deliver packages and documents to their destination quickly and easily. Safe, affordable and quality
Car courier service

Snap is very easy to use

  • Mark your origin and destination on the map.
  • After choosing the type of service you want and seeing the price, request a Snap.
  • Take advantage of the nearest Snap service.

Advantages of using Snap

  • Cash or credit payment for travel expenses
  • Miscellaneous services
  • Possibility to select the option “Second destination, round trip and stop on the way”
  • Live display of the vehicle’s path throughout the trip on the map
  • Share travel information with friends and relatives
  • Driver evaluation at the end of the trip
  • Receive a receipt after the end of the trip
  • Various discount plans
  • Full time support even on holidays

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