Shad program 2.9.9 for the educational network for education and training students

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Said Shad


Education and Proosh Android application is associated with the educational network for students, which has been launched in line with virtual education for students during crisis days when schools are sometimes closed due to various reasons. The purpose of happy use, this social network is to create communication between administrators, teachers and students. This method of communication was formed due to the closure of schools due to the spread of the Corona virus. The Happy Program can be used even after schools reopen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Shad program be used with an Android phone only?

No, users who do not have access to a mobile phone (especially iOS users who do not have access to Android) can use the web version.

Is Internet traffic in the Shad program free of charge?

Yes, using Shad is free on the local online platform.

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