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When performing UI automation tests, the commonly used method is the common one. The main purpose of assertion is to check whether the program meets the expected results, so that we know what success and failure we will know after running the program.

Affirmation is generally divided into two types. The first is that the program works until it is approved. Program terminated. The other is that the program runs until it is approved. The program continues to run. The second is better than the first because we can see the error message in the log and have some understanding of the entire program execution process.

Four ways to confirm four modes and five modes

Test cases should be validated and validated, and validation and cross-validation of selenomide should be provided to compare results

First of all, by enabling Seleniumide, right-clicking any element on the page, and selecting the last option “Show all available commands”, you can get four types of commands: Assert, Verify


When the assertion states that the test will fail, the test will be terminated


When the scan indicates that the test has failed, the test will continue and the error will be stored on the display screen.

  I wait for

Waitfor is used to wait until certain conditions are met. If the conditions are correct, this will succeed immediately. If it doesn’t, it will fail and pause the test. Before the current settings time out, I often use it in combination with SetTimeout


The store gets the page variables, and you can get the page link elements to judge

  5 means:

Title: Gets the title of the page

Value: Get the value of the item

Text: Get text information items

Table: Get the tag of the element

ElementPresnt: Get the current element

general consent method



statement – statement



Compared to the output, the test command will not complete the test. If your test only uses validation, you can be sure that no erroneous eating will occur, regardless of whether defects are found or not.


Get the content of the statement

In the process of recording scripts, you can use the right mouse button to perform registration and verification



The main use of Selenium IDE confirmation has been completed. If you like the test industry, friends who are interested in test development can join our QQ Exchange group!

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