Sap 2.09.01 (Payment Bank Saderat Iran) for Android

Android Application / Mobile Banking Salar 237712 November 11, 1401


(Bank Saderat Iran Payment) Bank Saderat Iran has produced and introduced a mobile software called “SAP” to provide widely used card-based services for the welfare of most of its customers. In order to use its various services, it is enough to download and install the latest version of the program, and after registering and joining the system, you can take advantage of its facilities. This system is the first mobile software that provides card-to-card payment transfer service from Bank Saderat Iran and the only system that provides insurance policy issuance directly online. The “SAP” platform supports Android or iOS smartphones and tablets and only by having the second bank card password, you can perform your daily financial activities without time and place restrictions in a secure and easy-to-use environment.

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