Rubica 3.0.7 Rubica’s world of movies, series and live TV

Android program / Persian Android programs Salar 701459 November 16, 1401


A comprehensive Android application that combines many different and attractive services for Persian speaking users of the world so that they can access everything they want on their mobile phones just through this smart and good application.

World of Movies and Series (Mega Video)
With Rubica, you can access a world of your favorite movies, series and shows on all your digital mobile devices, the web and smart TVs.

The Interactive Network (the huge second screen)
In this service, you can interact with TV programs through your mobile phone from the Rubika application.

World of Music (Mega Music)
In Rubika you can access a world of music in the best quality and you can create a list of your favorite songs.

Education World (MegaLearn)
E-learning, access to extensive educational resources and content, participation in online classes with live and live broadcast capability and participation in MOOCs are all included in the Rubika Education World service.

TV Shows (Mega TV)
With Rubika’s video media service, you can choose to arrange or pause and restart broadcast programs, and you can also enjoy watching live TV programs online.

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