Record 11.2.1 Neshan map and speaker road for Android

Android router and locator / Persian apps for Android Salar 739943 December 2, 1401
Map and badge router

Map and badge router

It simply helps you to find your current location on the map and find the fastest route to your desired destination. “Nashan” map has Persian audio guide, which will guide you step by step until you reach your destination.

Routing with traffic prediction
Sign estimates the current road traffic and tries to suggest a route with less traffic.

It has single and even traffic plans
Nashan is the only mapping and routing application that simultaneously has odd and even plans and routes according to them.

He has the Persian language and the environment
One of the most important features of Map and Badge Vector; Having a Persian speaker with the unique feature of mentioning the names of the roads.

It can be used all over Iran
“Nashan Map and Route Finder” is active in all cities of Iran and you can easily use it while traveling.

Public utility

  • It has a completely Persian environment
  • The application size is relatively low
  • He has a Persian speaker (to avoid looking at the phone screen)
  • The ability to keep the screen on while on the go
  • It can be downloaded from trusted Android markets
  • It has an experienced developer team

Map features

  • Voice search feature
  • The ability to search for road names in Farsi
  • The ability to search for famous public places near you
  • It contains the most details in the names of the streets of Iranian cities
  • Ability to report map errors
  • The ability to share the location
  • Ability to register personal locations for quick routing
  • The display of 2D and 3D maps takes precedence
  • Possibility to display the map in two modes, day and night

Orientation facilities

  • The possibility of routing throughout the country (inside and outside the city)
  • Routing according to the shortest distance from origin to destination
  • Routing according to online traffic and finding the fastest route
  • It has odd and even traffic plans and the possibility of off-plan routing
  • It has cameras for speed control and warning of approaching the camera
  • Intersection allowed speed display and illegal speed warning
  • Estimate the approximate time to reach the destination
  • Calculate the distance to the destination
  • The possibility of reporting accidents, cameras and traffic

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