Ramadan program version 1.7 for Android

Android / religious application Saman 72 51189 August 3, 2012

Ramadan software

Jump to God’s party. With this program, you can access the Sharia times for the city or wherever you are through the device locator or choose from the cities in the program, read the Ramadan prayers and remind yourself using the program number. Say and save it for later. The program has the ability to trigger alarms and calls to prayer, which you can activate or deactivate if you wish. It is also possible to broadcast the Lord’s supplication before Iftar, which has its own special atmosphere. Considering the time limit, Parsheh Processing Team has tried to prepare this software for you to use in this dear month so that it has a small contribution to your party.

Changes in this version:

  • Calculation and display of Islamic times
  • Prayer call
  • The alarm clock wakes up at dawn
  • Broadcasting the Lord’s Prayer
  • Performing the prayer of the holy month of Ramadan
  • Mention the number
  • Detection and calculation of religious times by satellite locator
  • Show daily prayer via widget

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