Rafeeq Bank Bam Melli Iran for Android phone

Android Application / Mobile Banking Salar 603128 November 15, 1401
with BAM National Bank

Along with the national surface

Another application from the National Iranian Bank with different features to manage your bank account. Relying on user-centered design and taking advantage of user feedback over the past four years, Bam’s new mobile application has defined the tastes and expectations of its users and has been implemented and launched on the market in accordance with the current standards of the world in the field of design.

law Project

  • View transaction information details
  • The ability to add notes
  • The ability to classify transactions
  • Ability to view deposit/withdrawal charts and balance in weekly and monthly periods
  • The ability to filter based on the specified parameters

money transfer

  • Transfer from account to account (within the bank / fast)
  • Intelligent recognition of the type of money transfer (Satna, Paya, …) based on the amount and destination of the transaction
  • Determine the destination bank based on the transaction destination account number
  • Ability to multi-step confirmation of money transfer and add people’s account and card details to contact book list automatically after transfer

card by card

  • Converting the card into an internal bank card
  • Convert card to card

Pay bill

  • Pay bills based on the card
  • Pay bills using a barcode reader


  • The ability to set the check amount
  • The possibility of inquiring about the status of the check

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