Office 2010 SP2 Pro Plus VL April 2021

The description

Office 2010, after Office 2007, which was actually the 12th version of this collection, in April 2010, its RTM edition was released and presented as the 14th version; The illusory reason was that the number 13 was negative!

However, Microsoft provided the first 64-bit version of Office in Office 2010 for Windows after XP, which meant that 64-bit Windows XP could not use this office.

Updated user interface, increased speed, and new tools and effects for editing images and slideshows, etc., were some of the things that set Office 2010 apart from previous versions.

The second service pack for Office 2010 was released in July 2013, and this time Microsoft did not provide an official version integrated with this service pack. Therefore, we present the latest and most reliable version of this collection; In this release, the Office 2010 MSDN image is part of Service Pack 2 and includes all released updates.

Office 2010 Features and Functionality:

– Improve access and speed up various operations

– The user interface is not very different from the 2007 version, and therefore it is not necessary to re-familiarize it

– Has relatively complete new tools for editing images

– Take advantage of the new PowerPoint software effects


This version does not include the Visio Pro and Project Pro programs and has the following software:

Microsoft Word 2010 SP2

Microsoft Excel 2010 SP2

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 SP2

Microsoft Access 2010 SP2

Microsoft Outlook 2010 SP2

Microsoft InfoPath 2010 SP2

Microsoft Publisher 2010 SP2

Microsoft OneNote 2010 SP2

Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010 SP2

Microsoft Visio Viewer 2010 SP2

Tips for Office 2010:

– The build version of the office suite changes after the update, which is given in the title.

– If you often use this collection and in particular the Word software for Persian texts. The following settings optimize the environment for this; Click Options on the File menu. In the Language tab and in the Choose editing languages ​​section, select the Farsi language and click Set as default. Also, to display numbers in Farsi, go to the Advanced tab and set the Numeric option to Context in the Show Document Contents section. Note that before these tasks, the Windows language must also include Farsi.

system required

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32bit or 64bit)
CPU: 500 MHz processor or higher
Memory: 256MB RAM


office 2010

Installation guide

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