Office 2007 SP3 Full 12.0.6798.5000 February 2019

The description

Microsoft paved the way in Windows XP to offer a more attractive user interface than previous versions, and continued in Office 2007 so that this collection is also aligned with the new procedure. The initial and fully experimental version of the Office 2007 suite was sent to the developers in November 2005, and the testing process of the program lasted a year, and finally at the end of November 2006, the Volume version was released, and two months later, on January 30, 2007.

The third update package for Office 2007 was also released on October 25, 2007. Microsoft did not officially provide a version that was included in Service Pack 3, and we have included Service Pack 3 in the base image of origin using a standard method.

Office 2007 Features and Functionality:

– Different user interface and better access to menus

– Much better stability than the 2003 version

– Introduction of the new Office Open XML format for software by adding x to the end of previous formats such as docx, xlsx, pptx and…

– Ability to produce PDFs from various documents


The Professional Plus version includes the following software:

Word 2007 SP3 –
Excel 2007 SP3 –
PowerPoint 2007 SP3 –
Access 2007 SP3 –
Outlook 2007 SP3 –
Editor 2007 SP3 –
InfoPath 2007 SP3 –
Visio Viewer 2007 SP3 –


– As it is clear in the title, this is a volume version and it is registered with a serial number.

– Office 2007 is only available in 32-bit version.

system required

Computer and processor: 500 MHz or higher processor

Memory: 256 MB of RAM or more. 512 MB of RAM or more recommended for Outlook Instant Search. Grammar and contextual spelling in Office Word is not enabled unless the computer has 1 GB of memory

Hard disk: 2 GB. Some of this disk space is free after installation if the original download package is deleted from the hard drive

Display: 1024 x 768 or higher resolution monitor

Operating system: Windows XP with SP2, Windows Server 2003 with SP1 or later operating system. Office Cleanup Wizard not available on 64-bit operating systems


Office 2007

Installation guide

You need a serial number to install; To generate it, run the file in the Crack folder and click Search.

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