NMCLI Network Manager Command Line Detailed introduction

Networker Manager is a network management service on Linux with a solid feature. It has its own standalone NM-Applet UI and has its own command line. This article mainly introduces the command lines related to NM —- NMCLI. NMCLI is a command line tool for NetworkManager management and network status reports. It can replace NM-Applet or other graphics clients. NMCLI is used to create, view, edit, delete, activate, and terminate a network connection, and to manage and display network device status.

1. General Motors leadership

Use this command to view the status and permissions of NetworkManager. You can also get and change the system hostname, network record level, and network manager domain.

nmcli general {status | hostname | permissions | logging} [ARGUMENTS...]

1.1 View the current network status

nmcli general status  

1.2 View or change the host name

Просмотр: NMCLI General HostName 
 Modify: NMCli General HostName NewHostName

1.3 View Permissions

nmcli general permissions

2. Management team

Check the current state of the network link, and check and manage the current network switch.

nmcli networking {on | off | connectivity} [ARGUMENTS...]

2.1 View the power status of the current network

nmcli networking

2.2 Switch networks

nmcli networking on
nmcli networking off

2.3 View network connection status

nmcli networking connectivity

All connection status values ​​are as follows:

none : the host is not connected to any network.

portal : the host is behind a captive portal and cannot reach the full Internet.

limited : the host is connected to a network, but it has no access to the Internet.

full : the host is connected to a network and has full access to the Internet.

unknown : the connectivity status cannot be found out.

3. Wireless transmission control command

Show radio switches status, or enable and disable the switches.
nmcli radio {all | wifi | wwan} [ARGUMENTS...] 

 NMCLI Radio: отображать текущую радио информацию
nmcli radio wifi :  Отображение состояния переключателя Wi -Fi
 nmcli radio wifi on: set Wi -Fi Открытие
 Nmcli radio wifi off: установить закрытие Wi -Fi
 NMCLI Radio WWAN: ViewWWAN(Мобильная широкополосная связь) Статус
 NMCli Radio Wwan On: НастройкиWWAN  Открытым
 NMCli Radio Wwan Off: НастройкиWWAN  закрытие
 NMCLI Radio All On: Установите все переключатели на включение
 NMCLI Radio All Off: Установите все переключатели и выключите

4. Connect the control command (kernel)

nmcli connection {show | up | down | modify | add | edit | clone | delete | monitor | reload | load | import | export} [ARGUMENTS...]

4.1 View contact information

nmcli connection show
 Эквивалент: NMCli Con Show

Parameter introduction:

NAME:  Имя подключения, виртуальное имя, беспроводное соединение обычно подключено к имени SSID
UUID:  Уникально идентифицирует
TYPE:  Тип подключения, Ethernet представляет подключение к сети кабеля (также известное как подключение к эфиру), Wireless представляет Wireless (WiFi)
DEVICE:  Имя устройства

4.2 View contact details

nmcli connection show [имя соединения или UUID]

4.3 Activate or deactivate the connection

nmcli connection up [connection name]
nmcli connection down [connection name]

4.4 Delete the current connection

nmcli connection delete [connection name]
nmcli connection delete [cvonnection name]

5. Equipment Management Team (Basic)

nmcli device {status | show | set | connect | reapply | modify | disconnect | delete | monitor | wifi | lldp} [ARGUMENTS...]

5.1 State printing devices

nmcli device status

5.2 View device details

nmcli device show : Отображать информацию всех устройств
nmcli device show [device name] :  Показать информацию указанного устройства, имя устройства,Как показано на рисунке выше, ENP0S8

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