NAT Connect VM and Host Connection (Static IP configuration is fully illustrated, testing available) Attached Install VMware Tools (to continue) – First…

Here is how to configure via static IP.

The detailed introduction of connection setting is as follows:

1. On your host (not the vmware virtual machine), check the network status, enter “online neighbor attribute” – “theme”, and open the network connection, as follows:

Nat 8

note. Select “VMware Network Adapter VMNet8″—” on the network above. Right-click on “Properties” to go to the Attributes page as shown above.

Then click “Internet Protocol (TCP / IP)” to view the IP settings. Usually, the default virtual network card is set to a static IP as shown above.

* You only need to set the “gateway” here, which corresponds to the gateway of the network card in VMware.

Also, the gateway view of the NIC in VMware is as follows. Select “Edit” — “Virtual Network Configuration” and enter the pages as follows:

Click on “NAT Settings” in the above image to enter the page as follows:

Select the gateway in the settings above.

2. Make sure that the VMware NAT service is enabled for the local host and the DHCP service may or may not be open (because we are using a static IP address here for configuration). Enter “Management Tools” – “Services” on the host and check if the following NAT service is enabled:

If there is no startup, select the appropriate startup items, right-click Start.

3. Check the DHCP service of the virtual machine,It may or may not start WmwareShow below:


Please see the introduction in the second part of the follow-up process. Essence of the essence

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