Nahj al-Sawha version 5.2 for Android

Android / religious application Salar 44,156 August 23, 2013

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nahjol fesahe

More than 3,200 noble and beautiful hadiths of the great Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, have been collected in the Nahj al-Fashaha program.
For Persian, see the settings menu. The English version was contributed by my good friend Ejaz Hussain Ajani from India.
Note: I searched a lot for text with the thematic division, but I couldn’t find it. Please email me if anyone finds it or finds it

Version 2.5 update:

  • The swipe feature has been added to the list of long conversations, whether in the main menu or in the specified section
  • Save the last reading position to continue reading at the earliest opportunity
  • Added setting to remove animation
  • Change the size of posts in the Favorites section

This program contains the following features:

  • The presence of different animations in downloading the program, downloading the hadith, and so on.
  • Appropriate and beautiful graphic environment
  • Set the screen to stay on
  • Fix letters separated from each other in some ROMs
  • Create a random talk widget on the home screen if the program is installed in the phone’s memory and update the talk once an hour.
  • The ability to choose the desired conversations
  • The ability to search the Persian translation of hadiths
  • Send text in Arabic via SMS
  • Send Persian text by SMS
  • Send the full text of the conversation via SMS
  • Copy the Arabic text into memory
  • Copy the Persian text into memory
  • Copy the entire text of the hadeeth into memory
  • Subscription

And many more features that you must install, see and pray for me.

trick: To search for a specific word, put a space on either side of the word: (space + ‘word’ + space)

Be sure to mention your criticisms and suggestions so that they will be taken into account in future releases.

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