My Companion 5.6.6 is the official companion app for Android and iPhone

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with me

with me

It is a new service of Mobile First through which all permanent and credit subscribers of Mobile First can benefit from the various services of Mobile First online by visiting the portal or downloading the application.

Quick and easy access to offline services, saving time, and the ability to receive services without having to visit in person are among the advantages of the electronic service system with me, and subscribers can obtain the following services by referring to this system;

  • View and pay end and mid-term bills
  • View inventory and purchase shipping
  • Receive a complete small talk report and job summary
  • Activate, purchase and view neutrino pack consumption reports
  • Activate/deactivate advertising SMS messages and content-based services
  • View and activate discount and gift packages
  • View bill payment history and purchase plan
  • Balance transfer and credit increase
  • Choose and activate the expected sound
  • Show subscriber profile and SIM card (PIN / PUK)
  • Online access to support
  • Access command codes and frequently asked questions
  • Possibility of debt installment
  • Register a phone tracking request
  • The possibility of connecting and disconnecting the line
  • Participate in surveys and announce opinions and proposals
  • Show SIM cards by common name
  • Entry to Fayrouz Club, the first mobile customer club
  • The possibility of entering a damaged shipping card
  • And the …

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