Linux install Kibana

Kibana Yes ES(elastic search)The main client must open ESPort 9200GUI client interaction


Kibana installed, be sure to useOrdinary users, root users can not run

1. Download and launch Kibana/usr/local/estable of contents

2. Kibana receipts

[[email protected] es]

[[email protected] es]

3. Set up Kibana

[[email protected] es]

[[email protected] config]

Edit the following content

server.port: 5601 "Сервер IP"
elasticsearch.hosts: ["http://IP:9200"] 

4. Start Kibana

[[email protected] config]

[[email protected] bin]$ nohup ./kibana &
[1] 2348

[[email protected] bin]$ cat nohup.out
{"type":"log","@timestamp":"2021-04-24T04:52:38Z","tags":["info","plugins-service"],"pid":2348,"message":"Plugin \"case\" is disabled."}

5. Close the firewall

[[email protected] bin]$ su root

[[email protected] bin]

[[email protected] bin]


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