Install in Pycharm to run in Pytest mode

Install in Pycharm to run in Pytest mode

Today, the project uses the Allure Unittest + Pytest integrated test build report. There was a startup error. It was found that the log was repeatedly executed twice, which caused problems in use cases. Checking the information on the Internet found out that the process task was when I started the project.

When you started the project, right click on the file and run ‘run_test’. This way of using Pytest use cases is incorrect and not recommended.


The proper way to set files to run use cases in Pytest mode

1、a file == >> settings

2. Enter in the input field:Integrated Python tools

3Virtual test runner change topetiste


4. Select in the upper right cornerEdit configuration clicked


5. Click+,SpecifyPython tests,Specifypetiste


6. Select Pytes Start -File Path, my

7. Choose your version of Python


8. On startup, select in the upper right cornerpytest in Then click the right button to start


After this setting, the re-execution problem will not occur at startup.

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