Hibernator Premium Android apps and battery management

Android application / Android optimization Salar 10912 November 15, 1401


It is an easy way to manage apps and battery consumption in Android. Hibernator saves battery and improves performance by stopping all running applications, and it can also close applications automatically every time the screen is turned off. Your phone is running many apps in the background, which consumes your phone’s resources, drains battery power and reduces available memory. Hibernator is a very powerful task killer that kills tasks and processes. Hibernator allows you to speed up your phone when it is running slow due to many apps running in the background, which helps save battery power and extend battery life. It helps.

Hibernator features

  • Increase phone speed
  • Free occupied memory
  • Save the battery
  • Cool down the phone
  • Close all running programs
  • Close background tasks and services
  • Automatically close apps when the screen is off

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