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Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Map is a powerful GPS location software for Android phones. Google Maps has features such as search for desired locations, navigation, compass, 3D maps, help, offline map browsing, latitude display, pages explored, traffic information display, my location and the ability to select map position. Street level photos and…

Google Maps features

  • Detailed maps with 3D buildings
  • It has voice GPS navigation
  • Used for driving, public transportation, cycling and walking
  • Live display of traffic information to avoid congestion
  • Site search and business review
  • The ability to choose maps inside the airport terminal, hotels, stores, and others.
  • Along with navigation, get the pointer and latitude indicator.
  • Navigation: Free voice guidance of the site
  • Sites: Find, rate and get the recommendations you need
  • Latitude: See your friends’ location on a map and check their locations.
  • A special places page by uploading a photo of the place you visited
  • Manage the stars you have given to rate places and your recently visited places in the My places option
  • Add a new site to the sites you have checked
  • And the …

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