ESET SysRescue Live

Download ESET SysRescue full version standalone offline installer for Windows. It scans your computer and removes malicious software components that may have affected its functioning.

You can also download free Advanced Identity Protector.

An overview of the features of ESET SysRescue

Its primary advantage is that it runs outside of the operating system, directly accessing the file system and hard disk to perform comprehensive scans on demand of the boot sector or existing partitions. You can use ESET SysRescue to launch innovative or custom scans of your computer to detect and remove traces of viruses and other types of threats that may compromise data integrity and affect how your computer operates.

You can choose from several scan profiles, and the application enables you to customize them by choosing folders or files to include in the analysis. Optionally, it can only recover information about potentially dangerous files without deleting them from the computer.

Rising to the name of the software developer, it helps you to scan your system from the outside, performing a deep analysis of the file system and volume to remove stubborn threats. Scan results are recorded in a file, and the application can display detailed statistical data and conclusive graphs regarding system protection. Quarantined items can be browsed, restored or deleted with a single click.

Create your own ESET SysRescue Live Disk
• Run the LiveUSBCreator file
• Choose either “Create USB Drive” or “Create CD/DVD” and select the desired media
• Create ESET SysRescue Live USB / CD
• In addition, you can use a separate ISO image (in the archive).

Scan any computer with ESET SysRescue Live
• Insert the ESET SysRescue Live CD / USB and restart
• Select “Run ESET SysRescue.”
• Once the program has started, click “Update” to download the latest signatures
• Click on “Scan on Demand” and select “Smart Scan” or “Custom Scan”.

what’s new
Fixed: Not being able to boot on newer 64-bit EFI-only applications
Improvement: Change OS bootloader architecture + i386 -> amd64
Improvement: Upgrade the operating system distribution
Improvement: Updated eSysRescue VSDB database

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