e-Citizen’s Companion Scene v2 for Android

Android program / Persian Android programs Salar 11862 August 28, 2012
e-citizenThe accompanying program for Electronic Citizen was produced and designed by order of the Information and Communication Technology Organization of Mashhad Municipality for use by citizens and visitors of the holy city of Mashhad.
This program has the ability to receive new information on existing services using the mobile Internet (GPRS) or web platform (Wi-Fi) in order to give users access to updated information.
Also, in addition to updating existing services, the user can also receive new services with categories according to the type of operation, along with the directory.
Some of the features and functions available in the program:

  • Access to nationality information
  • View Mashhad city map with the ability to display multiple layers of information such as: places, pharmacies, banks, etc.
  • Tourism in the city and the display of religious, historical and entertainment places in the form of a visual presentation
  • Electronic city services such as vehicle fees and the 137 system
  • Social sales system, with the possibility of registering citizens’ goods and searching for them by other audiences.
  • Show the rules and regulations
  • Mass communication includes: news, viewing urban events and participating in opinion polls
  • The possibility of receiving religious, private and children’s videos
  • The ability to receive educational topics and lectures through the program with audio
  • View solar, lunar, and Gregorian calendars with national and religious events and religious times
  • View the weather in Mashhad
  • View the city’s train schedule, information on city bus lines and My Card counters
  • Display primary phone numbers in a scene
  • View municipal tenders
  • View a price list of household items
  • Announcing the schedule of entertainment and sports programs in Mashhad
  • It has a library of religious and poetic books, including Nahj al-Balaghah and al-Sahifa al-Sajjadiyya.

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