Download Vivaldi v5.4.2753.51 incl. Mail v1.0 x86/x64 – free software download

The description

Vivaldi , is the name of an advanced web browser which is very suitable for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. The browser in front of you is a product of the creators of the Opera browser, Vivaldi Technologies Group. You will have more control over web browsing using this powerful browser. High flexibility is another main feature of this product, which allows you to enjoy web browsing with your desired settings and configuration. On the other hand, by using this product, you will have access to many tools necessary for browsing the web.

On the other hand, when you use Vivaldi browser, you can customize all the features of this product and have the user environment you want. This means that you can customize browser tab placement, colors, themes, address bar and tab position, and more to your liking. Also, for better control over which tabs are open at the same time, a tool called Tab Stacks has been used, with the help of this tool you can have better organization.

One of the features of this browser is the ease of use of this product. The creators of this product have tried to meet your needs in the field of web browsing by offering effective software. Moreover, the browser in front of you uses the Qwant search engine to search for the titles you want. Another feature of this browser is the ability to use and create custom shortcuts that you can use for easy access.

Vivaldi Browser Features and Functionality:

  • Benefiting from a very suitable and efficient user environment
  • Ability to customize all features and user interface of this browser
  • Possibility of very practical management of windows open at the same time
  • Use tools like search options, custom settings, etc.
  • Ability to create shortcuts for your computer’s keyboard and mouse
  • Protect your privacy in a secure environment
  • And…

Features provided in Vivaldi browser with their explanation:

  • Speed ​​Dial: Quick links to favorite sites are available in each new tab.
  • Quick commands: Control everything with simple text commands
  • Rewind: Return to the first page of the site you visited
  • Speed ​​Dial Folders: Organize speed dial into folders for easy access
  • Fast forward: Jump to the next page in a sequence, ideal for search results
  • Remarks: Note when you list them and link to a specific site
  • Sidebar: Quick access to bookmarks, downloads and notes
  • Custom search engine: Add almost any search box on the web
  • Search bar: Search using suppliers or add personally
  • Sessions: Save a set of tabs and open them in any
  • Visual tabs: Show image preview of open tabs
  • Trash can: Restore closed tabs or pop-ups
  • Favorites bar: Toolbar for easy access and management of bookmarks
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Use key combinations to perform quick actions
  • Speed ​​dial background: Customize Speed ​​Dial Background Image

system required

System Requirements For Vivaldi

Operating systems
Windows 10
Windows 8/8.1
Windows 7
Mac (10.10+)

Recommended material

No special requirements.



Installation guide

This software is free. Install and run and use.

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