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The description

TeraCopy Pro is the name of software to increase the speed of copying and moving files between drives. With the TeraCopy Pro program, you can stop the copy operation and resume it at the desired time. TeraCopy Pro also displays copy and data transfer speed. Moreover, this program supports more than 20 living languages ​​in the world, including Persian.

TeraCopy Pro is a useful little software which is a product of Code Sector, this program is also a suitable replacement to copy and move your files by Windows at higher speed. You can also pause the operation while copying and then continue from there. This version can be used for all Windows including Windows 7. It can also prevent common errors while copying and fix the issue.

If you are not satisfied with the data transfer speed (Copy or Cut), we recommend TeraCopy Pro software. With this software, you can easily transfer information as completely as possible, and at the time of data transfer, you can push and then continue the transfer at the right time.

TeraCopy Pro Tool Features and Functionality:

– Simple and friendly environment
– Copy and transfer information at high speed
– Show transfer speed
– The ability to stop the transfer and resume it again
– Prevention of common mistakes when copying
– Unicode support
– Support for more than 20 living languages ​​of the world, including Persian

system required

:Operating systems

Windows XP Professional

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows 8-8.1

Windows 10


TeraCopy screenshot

Installation guide

After installation, register the software using the license in the license file and convert it from Free mode to Pro mode.

Version 3.4, which is currently in the experimental stage, is registered with the serial number.

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