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The description

Discovery of the Slitheris network Professional IP scanning software for network connected devices is a product of Komodo Labs. This software has the ability to deliver a wide range of information from network devices, without the need for credentials or agents, and is very useful for organizations or IT providers, especially managed services ( MSP). Many network scanning software require some kind of access permission to detect the operating system of the connected device, but with the help of TCP/IP fingerprinting and other related technologies, this software is able to provide information without the need for prior authorization. issue is very appropriate for managed system vendors.

Another feature of this software is to provide the type of device (such as server, computer, printer, iPhone, etc.) and estimate the age of the device. As the lifespan of devices increases, their security decreases and the amount of network resources they use increases. Therefore, using the age estimation function, it is possible to identify such devices and replace them. In this program, instead of displaying devices with IP, one tries to receive and display their names by collecting information from at least 10 different sources. This program also shows you which devices have provided access to the GUI (using a browser) and devices that cannot be pinged are marked with a red diamond next to their name.

Facilities and Features Discovery of the Slitheris network :

  • View Ping traffic in real-time and in visual form using a matrix display
  • No need for licenses such as IDs or agents to collect information
  • View device type and name and estimate age
  • Estimated age of devices
  • SMB security feature (server message blocking) to manage WannaCry and display devices infected with this ransomware
  • Show non-pingable devices and devices with GUI access
  • The possibility of making a portable version of the program
  • And …

system required

the Windows


Slitheris NetScan

Installation guide

It is given in the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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