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The description

FME Server is the name of a powerful and practical software in the field of data management and integration. In fact, you can integrate your data automatically using this software. You can also use this program to manage and integrate your data in parallel or sequentially. This allows you to do more work in less time. The adjustability of this software also makes it possible to integrate your data exactly as you wish.

FME Server’s web interface also makes it easy to control your data. With the features of this software, you can also adjust the data sending mode and the notification system according to your needs. The software in front of you gives you a host of automatic data processing and management capabilities. Therefore, using this software has made the users comfortable. You can use this program in groups and set the access level for each person.

The creators of this software have also considered all issues related to the security of your information. Therefore, as long as you use this product, you will continue your work with peace of mind regarding information security and privacy. Another feature of using this product is the ability to use the accompanying software for smartphones.

FME Server Software Features and Functionality:

  • Very simple to use with an intuitive user interface
  • Customize settings to increase your productivity
  • Ability to perform group management and data integration
  • Ability to set and configure notifications and how to send information
  • Protect your privacy and keep your data secure
  • Benefit from the web version and the application for smartphones
  • And…

system required FME Server

Operating systems
the Windows

Recommended material
Processor: Pentium 4 or newer / AMD Opteron or newer
Memory: 8 GB or more
Disk space: 20 GB


FME Server Screenshot

Installation guide

It is given in the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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