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The description

PRTG Network Monitor is a useful tool for monitoring computer networks. This program runs on Windows and after installation it starts collecting various statistical information from computers, software and network devices. This program has a simple user interface that works in all browsers. In this software, it is possible to share information such as live and real-time charts and breach reports with non-technical people and customers. Using PRTG Network Monitor, you can get a complete network map, which will be very effective in complex networks with a large number of devices.

The main purpose of this software is to provide accurate information about all parts of the network. It is therefore the most used in the reports section. All collected data is displayed as regular information in the browser, or you can get a pdf output and send it by email. One of the advantages of this program is the monitoring of a large number of network resources such as database servers, file servers, computers, virtual machines and different operating systems. If you want to be in close contact with your network and control all its details from a central location, we recommend using PRTG Network Monitor.

Features and functions of PRTG Network Monitor:

  • Automatic network and connected equipment detection
  • Default configurations for different devices
  • Interactive user interface with high customization for greater usability
  • Modern and powerful analysis engine with the capacity to cover more than 10,000 sensors
  • Simple and powerful user interface
  • Ability to define multiple user groups and HTTP-based APIs to interact with other applications
  • View analytical results from different angles
  • It is possible to create a complete network map while monitoring the status of connected equipment
  • And …

system required

• 64 MB of RAM (128 MB and more recommended)
• between 25 KB and 300 KB of disk space per sensor per day for the monitoring database
• TCP/IP network connection
• Web browser

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (32/64 bit)

Languages ​​: English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Czech, Japanese, Russian and Simplified Chinese


PRTG Network Monitor

Installation guide

It is given in the Readme.txt file.

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