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The description

Offline Explorer is a handy software for downloading complete websites. Maybe downloading a website is not logical when we have internet with speed, quality and reasonable price, but since such a situation has become a dream for many Iranians, we have to download important information from sites website. Maybe you liked the content of an educational website and we would like to have an offline version of that site on our system and open website pages in high speed without the need of the internet or the stress of a computer. an internet outage. Offline Explorer software is definitely one of the best options for this.

This program has a long history and has come of age in new releases. Using this program, you can download all kinds of http, https or ftp sites, or even sites with music and video streams based on RTSP, PNM or MMS protocols, completely offline in your system. Use their content. This program is capable of downloading more than 100 million pages in each project. When configuring the program, you specify how deep the links should be downloaded.

Does he also download external links when he comes across a site? Can the images be downloaded? Can music files of a certain volume be downloaded? Files smaller or larger than a certain size should not be uploaded at all. The whole download process is displayed in the form of step-by-step wizards, and you can download the desired website by setting the desired options. The program uses concurrent downloading and multi-threaded techniques, and also makes good use of the power of multi-core processors. This problem causes the speed of the program to approach the maximum power of the system.

system required

Offline Explorer Compatibility:

The minimum memory required to run Windows, although more memory is recommended for better performance.

Download File Size – 9719 KB

Disk space required to install the program – 11,000 KB


Offline Explorer

Installation guide

It is given in the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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