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The description

Microsoft company provides a very powerful infrastructure solution for network communication with complete audio and video facilities, which is Skype for Business Server and was previously known as Microsoft Lync Server and before that as Microsoft Office Communications Server . This software provides services such as VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), instant messaging (IM, Instant Messaging), presence information and a variety of audio, video and audio conferencing or provides them over the web. Microsoft Lync Server, using Windows Server and SQL database, as well as a combination of the functionality of Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server, creates a very complete and convenient infrastructure for all types of communication and plays an important role in reducing costs.

Skype for Business Server software features and functionality :

– It has a variety of voice communication capabilities, such as answering machine, call hold and continuation, call transfer, etc.

– Sharing the desktop screen (Desktop Sharing) or a desired program (Application Sharing) with others

– Establish communication in the form of a conference using different methods such as mobile phones, desktop or web software, etc.

– Display the user’s daily schedule and activity to inform other users, to create comprehensive coordination

– Display PowerPoint software presentations in conference communication

– Ability to transfer and share files between computers

– Possibility to vote an article online in the network environment

– The possibility of connecting with other Internet communication services such as Google Hangouts, YAHOO Messenger or Windows Live, Google Talk, etc.

– Has full facsimile or telephoto (Fax) facilities

– Full coordination and integration with other similar Microsoft products


Skype for Business Server Application Tips :

As mentioned at the beginning of the explanation, the previous generation of Skype for Business Server was released as Lync Server.

– The installed versions are the original Microsoft version and are presented without any manipulation and also do not need to be activated.

– A 2013 version with Service Pack 1 has also been released by a notorious group, which is actually a client version of the software and not a server version.

system required

See the software and hardware requirements for this release here and here.


Skype for Business Server screenshot

Installation guide

This software is complete and does not require activation.


Detailed Version Specifications:

Skype for Business Server 2019 (x64) – English DVD
Release date: 2018-10-23
VLSC file name: SW_DVD5_SfB_Server_2019_64Bit_English_MLF_X21-89201.ISO
MSDN file name: en_skype_for_business_server_2019_x64_dvd_dba5a73e.iso
SHA1: ae85405fa761f89fed22dce31e0254099a3bae02

Microsoft Lync Server 2013 x64
File name: en_lync_server_2013_x64_dvd_1043673.iso
Languages: English
SHA1: 69D1B1C42C2580AFAB170B7AAF30EDC76401F9C6

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