Download Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9 / GP 2016 / NAV 2017 / SL 2015 / CRM Server 2016 SP1 – free software download

The description

The Microsoft Dynamics software suite consists of two general parts: Enterprise Resource Planning (abbreviated ERP and meaning Enterprise Resource Planning) and Customer Relationship Management (abbreviated CRM and meaning customer relationship management), which provide comprehensive tools for managing the network of sales, providing specialized services and communication with customers. It is aimed at all types of organizations and businesses, large and small.

The software includes the collection Microsoft Dynamics :

Dynamic ERP section:

Dynamics AX with the old name Axapta: Complete management of financial affairs, human resources and international operations management with support for a multi-currency system; It has additional capabilities for manufacturers, retailers, service industries, etc.

Dynamics GP with the old name of Great Plains Software: Management of employees and financial and asset resources of companies and small and medium-sized enterprises

Dynamics NAV with the old name Navision: Management and control of all types of production and business processes for small and medium-sized enterprises and regulation of the supply and demand chain

Dynamics SL with old name Solomon IV: Designed for project-oriented organizations and businesses with full coordination and integration with Microsoft Project Server software.

CRM section:

Dynamics CRM software: Complete and complete customer relationship management software to reduce costs, increase productivity and customer satisfaction; Comes as a server/workgroup server

Remarks :

– The files provided are the original and complete versions of Microsoft and are not trial versions.

– With the exception of NAV and SL programs, which are released in 32-bit form, the rest of the software in this collection includes both 32-bit and 64-bit editions.

system required

The software and hardware requirements for this collection can be downloaded and viewed from the following links:

Dynamic AX

Dynamic GP

Dynamic NAV 2013

Dynamic NAV 2015

Dynamic SL

Requirements for Dynamics CRM software

Hardware requirements for Dynamics CRM


Installation guide

For Dynamics AX software, use the license file.

The two serial numbers required for the Dynamics CRM software are listed in the text file.

The rest of the software is complete and does not need to be activated.

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