Download ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Enterprise 10.5 Build 10513

The description

ManageEngine ServiceDesk is a user guide system for managing services and requests provided in the IT units of an organization. This program is based on the best methods of increasing organizational productivity, i.e. ITIL. This program helps users manage and navigate all IT processes in an organization. This product provides a large database to manage the organization’s IT infrastructure configuration. Using this database, you can create a meaningful relationship between different configuration items, and if a problem occurs in any part of the configuration, you can find the root of the problem. On the other hand, since the configuration management in this software is graphical, you can easily recognize the relationship between the different components.

Using this program, you can notify users of predefined issues. In addition, there is a knowledge base in this program which, by supplementing the information in this knowledge base, allows users to find answers to predefined questions and problems without contacting the support unit. Customers can search this knowledge base using desired keywords and find answers to the most important questions. One of the most important features of service management systems is the recording and classification of various events. This program is able to record all kinds of events, issues and problems that occur in the program and determine the status of terminated or in progress. Another feature of this asset management program is organization. Hardware such as printers, scanners, routers, firewalls, switches, and other networking equipment and hardware platforms are considered important components of an organization, and all of these can be extracted and managed from using this program’s smart scanner.

system required

ManageEngine ServiceDesk compatibility

Intel Core Duo (1.7 GHz) + 1 GB RAM – 20 GB HARD

Platform: Windows server 2012; Windows 2000 + SP4; Windows Server 2000/2003; Windows XP Professional
Windows Server 2008; Windows 7.
Linux: Red Hat Linux 7.2 and above ; LinuxDebian 3.0.

Supported database
MySQL 4.1.18
MySQL 5.1.50
MS SQL 2005, MS SQL 2008, MS SQL 2012, MS SQL 2014

Supported browsers
Internet Explorer: IE 9, IE 10 and IE 11
Firefox: v3.6 and above
Google Chrome


ManageEngine ServiceDesk

Installation guide

Register the software using the SD file in the Crack folder.

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