Download Lumenzia 10.9.7 Windows/macOS – Free Software Download

The description

Lumenzia is the name of a popular graphics plugin for Photoshop software. In fact, the plugin in front of you is known as a tool for adjusting the brightness of images. In fact, by adjusting the light and brightness of your images using this plugin, you can make your images realistically beautiful and attractive. Using this tool is very simple. On the other hand, this plugin is designed in such a way that you can edit your images as quickly as possible. Benefiting from the ability to preview changes to your images is one of the handy features of this product.

You can also combine multiple masks with the Lumenzia plugin and then apply it to your image. You can also modify and control all the layers predefined by this plugin in an advanced way. As mentioned earlier, thanks to this plugin, editing your images in the best way is possible in a very short time. This software is a professional tool for photographers which can help you incredibly in photo editing.

On the other hand, you can change and adjust the necessary brightness of an image in different parts of the same image according to your needs. Benefiting from the functionality of matting and removing all kinds of colors, brightness and visual effects from your images is one of the other features of this plugin. Full compatibility with different versions of Photoshop software is another advantage of using this product.

Lumenzia Plugin Features and Functionality:

  • Simple workflow for creating and using masks
  • Advanced and specialized adjustment of the brightness of your images in Photoshop
  • Ability to customize all pre-made masks
  • The simple possibility to improve the contrast and the automatic details of your images
  • Ability to combine and merge multiple masks and use it in a single image
  • Full compatibility with different versions of Photoshop software
  • And…

system required

Lumenzia is compatible with Photoshop CS6 – CC 2019+ on Windows and OSX (CC 2019 or later recommended). Lumenzia does not support CS5 or earlier (however, you can try my free brightness masking panel/actions instead). Note that the CS6 UI works the same, but looks somewhat different (see the FAQ link above for a comparison).



Installation guide

Installation and operation video tutorial is included in the package.

Attention: To install Lumenzia on Photoshop 2021 (v22) and earlier, you need to install version 9. To install on Photoshop 2022 (v23) and later, version 9 and 10 can be installed, but installing version 10 is recommended.

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