Download JDownloader 2.0.1 (offline) Build 2022-09-01 – free software download

The description

JDownloader is a free and open source download management software. With the help of open source, this program welcomes many developers, and this increase in the number of developers has increased its capabilities and facilities, and bugs in this program are fixed much faster than similar programs. Like most famous download managers, JDownloader also has the usual functions such as stopping, pausing and continuing downloads, downloading multiple files at the same time, applying bandwidth limits for different downloads, automatic extraction, etc. This program is designed independent of the platform, which means that all users of Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. can install and use this program on their operating system.

JDownloader requires Java version 1.5 or higher to work. If you have multiple internet connections, you will be able to download with any connection, one of the cool features of this program is automatic extraction of compressed files, of course encrypted compressed files can also be extracted using from a predefined list of passwords. . JDownloader supports different themes which diversify the appearance of the program. It supports different languages ​​and the number of these languages ​​increases with each version. JDownloader easily downloads from video sharing websites which cannot be downloaded normally, for example, if you want to download a clip from YouTube, you just need to copy the video page address to this program. The program itself extracts the original link of the video from the encrypted address and you can easily start the download operation.

JDownloader Features and Functionality:

  • Platform independent (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.)
  • Download multiple files at the same time
  • Download using different connections and at different speeds
  • Automatic extraction of compressed files with possibility to define a list of passwords for encrypted compressed files
  • The ability to download from video sharing services such as YouTube
  • Reconnect if the download link is problematic
  • And …

system required

Java 1.5 and higher



Installation guide

This version is complete and does not require an internet connection during installation.

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