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The description

IP video system design tool JVSG’s product: CCTV Design Software is the name of practical and effective software in the field of designing surveillance systems. In fact, with the help of this software, you can design the surveillance systems you need in a new way. In fact, as long as you use this application, you can find the best places to install the camera. When you design your surveillance system which includes closed circuit cameras using this software, you will be relieved that your cameras are recording all the events around you which are related to your work.

Of course, the capabilities of the IP video system design tool are not as simple as the previous description. This software can calculate and provide you with calculations related to camera lens focal length, viewing angle and pixel density (PPM and PPF) in seconds. Also, you can grab the plan and map of the desired area in AutoCAD, JPEG, PNG, PDF and TIFF file format. After downloading the map of the desired location, you can design and choose the camera installation locations.

Another part of the capabilities of this product is related to the calculation of the space required to store the recorded videos. In a separate section, you can see in detail how much space is needed, depending on the resolution of CCTV cameras. CCTV camera bandwidth calculation is one of the other useful and efficient features of this product. By using this program, the design of surveillance systems will be done quickly, easily and professionally.

IP Video System Design Tool Features and Functionality:

  • The ability to design and implement surveillance systems including CCTV cameras
  • It will increase the efficiency of your monitoring system
  • It offers the possibility to find the best places to install CCTV cameras
  • Calculation of camera lens focal length, viewing angle and pixel density
  • Estimate the bandwidth and space required to store recorded videos
  • The possibility of downloading your maps and plans in different formats such as AutoCAD and JPEG and PNG images
  • And…

system required

System Requirements for IP Video System Designer Tool

Operating systems
Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows XP SP3


IP video system design tool

Installation guide

After installation, copy and replace the files from the Crack folder to the installation location of the program.

Version 10 was successfully installed and activated on April 30, 1401 in Windows 10 64-bit edition.

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