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The description

IDM UltraFinder is the name of a practical and very useful software in the field of managing files and folders on your computer. In fact, the software in front of you as a personal search engine is able to easily find anything you want. As you know, searching and finding a photo, music or text file in a pile of files on your computer sometimes becomes a tedious task. The software in front of you is able to find among millions of other files in a minute and save time to find the information you want.

In addition to protecting your disk space, IDM UltraFinder is able to find duplicate copies of a file and delete it. This will detect and delete extra files on your computer. The customization options in the searches of this software are among the advantages of this product. This means that unlike the search engine of the Windows operating system, this software can allow you to set many options. With all the advanced features of this product, using this program is very easy.

You can also use this software to find the files you need besides searching your computer’s disk space on the network and remote servers. You can also use this software to search for words or phrases in Microsoft Word documents. Using this program will allow you to access the files you want in the shortest possible time.

Features and functions of the IDM UltraFinder program:

  • Find your information and data in different formats
  • The ability to search for the files you want on your home computer, network, and server
  • Apply many different filters when searching your files
  • Search your files by date, format, size, name and content
  • Benefit from the ability to find duplicate files and remove them
  • And…

system required

Operating systems
Windows 10
Windows 8/8.1
Windows 7


IDM UltraFinder

Installation guide

It is given in the Readme file in the Crack folder.

Download link

Download IDM UltraFinder x86

Download IDM UltraFinder x64

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32-bit version: 30 MB

64-bit version: 34 MB

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