Download Emperor-OS Linux – Iranian Distribution of Emperor Linux v2.5 LTS x64 – free software download

The description

Linux Emperor, It is the name of a versatile and powerful Iranian Linux distribution that can be used by anyone, from beginners to professionals. This operating system is a non-commercial Linux suitable for all people including programmers, software developers, debuggers, data science, data mining, big data specialists due to the rich packages and software in it. And data analysis is helpful. It even includes a children’s programming menu to teach them programming. Linux Emperor has more than 500 important programs and tools in 20 categories, making it a complete Linux operating system and supporting multiple programming languages ​​and development tools. This distro also has the ability to run live.

Linux Emperor is a completely custom distro featuring a custom Grub boot menu with a 5.10 kernel and a Plymouth boot screen. This distro has seven custom desktops, namely XFCE, LXDE, Open Box, KDE plasma, and Mate, each designed and organized for a specific task, and the login window is also customized to enter each of them. Linux Emperor has a dedicated Emperor Panel tool, two web browsers, 20 groups of programming tools, forty fun games, and numerous graphical and file management tools, including LibreOffice. This distribution is also very suitable for normal work and you can manage your email, watch videos and play music, burn CDs and DVDs or manage your images.

Linux Emperor Features and Functionality:

  • Versatile and rich distribution of 500 different software and tools
  • It has low-level programming tools, material design, user interface, user experience and different platforms
  • It has tools for data analysis, data mining, statistics, machine learning and big data
  • More than 350 Python 2 and 3 modules as well as 5000 packages, 150 tools and 40 pre-installed games
  • The possibility of high customization using 40 themes, 600 fonts and 5 icons available in the distribution
  • It has 7 custom offices for specific purposes
  • Support for 2600 scanners and cameras
  • Built on ubuntu mini 20.04 LTS
  • And …

System Requirements Linux Empire

  • Processor: Any Intel, AMD or VIA x64 processor
  • Graphics card: nVidia, ATI, Intel 1 GB
  • Memory: 2 GB minimum (4 GB or more is recommended)
  • Disk space: 21 GB for a complete installation

Linux Emperor Images

Linux Emperor

Installation guide

Transfer the ISO file to the flash using flash boot software and boot the system from it. Live mode username and password are live user and no password respectively. Also, the default account username and password are user and user, respectively, and the root account username and password are root and user, respectively.

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