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The description

Ita Messenger is designed to meet all the needs of Iranian users in a single messenger program. In Ita, you can easily chat with your friends, share your files, create groups and channels, and use Ita’s advanced features to manage and customize your software.

Features and Functions of Ita Messenger:

Familiar user interface

One of the difficulties of working with new software is the lack of knowledge of their environment for the public. Ita software benefited from a simple and familiar design Working with him provides a pleasant experience for the general public.

Reduce internet cost

According to statistics, most of the traffic consumed by Internet users is consumed in messengers and social networks. Using ITA saves 50% In user cost of this software.

Web and cross-platform version

Ita is a software accessible via different devices (cross-platform). The Android Ita version can be downloaded through the dedicated site or Android stores. The web version is responsive and accessible through different browsers.

Special services to organizations and businesses

Ita is a powerful media that can meet the needs of small and large companies and organizations in the field of receiving and publishing information and news.. Eta can provide special services to the official channels of natural and legal persons and thus reduce costs and improve communication between organizations and customers..

The incredible capabilities of intelligent robots

Smart robots provide broad and interactive communication with different service providers in an open and powerful platform. In Ita, you can use intelligent assistants (Bot) and various efficient and diverse programming interfaces (APIs) (for different languages) and interactive facilities to provide a variety of services, both messaging and financial (such as official channels of companies and organizations, channels for the sale of products and services and…) use.

Shaft channel construction

Tree channels are a new generation of messaging channels with advanced features like categorization. They offer content headings, the determination of menus and submenus, the timed or periodic sending of content and its automatic deletion, the sending of long texts with media, etc. It is free to use all tree channel features in Ita.

Unlimited and permanent cloud space

Today, messengers have become an integral part of people’s lives. Ita gives you unlimited cloud space where you can save any file or send it to your audience.

This is messaging tips

– Eitaa’s messenger is Iranian.

– Ita is very similar to Telegram.

– The Windows Ita version will be available soon.

– Ita probably stands for “Iran Telegram Application”.

Check out the ETA FAQs here.

system required

Android 4.0 and later


Messenger ItaMessenger Ita

Installation guide

This program is free and has no limitations; Download and install.

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