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The description

Classroom Spy is a very effective software for monitoring networked systems. Thanks to this program, you can fully control networked computers. He saw their control screen, sent them a message, remotely shut down or reset the desired system. Or lock the system for a while. It is possible to hide the video recording from the desired computer screen. In fact, the application of this program is more for educational classes, for example, a teacher can know exactly what his students are doing without being present on the system. Are they performing their assigned tasks or browsing the web?

Using this program, you can disable any computer on the network. Turn off the Internet. Also, sometimes you will need to do things on the user’s computer with their mouse and keyboard without being behind the user’s system. Here you can remotely view the user’s monitor screen in full screen and do the desired work. You can see the monitor of all network users in a neat table together. In fact, with this work, your computer becomes a complete monitoring station. You can also send a general message to all systems under control. This message can be a message to perform a task. Share a specific route or whatever. This program has provided many features in the field of network system monitoring and is considered to be one of the best programs in this field.

Functions and features of the Classroom Spy program:

  • Simple and neat graphical environment
  • Viewing the monitor screen of all systems together and simultaneously
  • Ability to view the desired system in full screen
  • The ability to control the target system’s mouse and keyboard
  • Ability to send single or group messages to systems
  • Possibility to lock, reset, shut down, disconnect the desired system
  • Ability to control the internet of the desired user
  • Perform a remote task on the target system
  • The ability to secretly record a video from the user’s page and send the final video to the administrator’s computer
  • The ability to group computers into different categories (suitable for class and course groups)
  • And …

system required

Windows XP, Windows 2003 Windows Vista (32/64) bit
Windows 7 (32/64) bit
Windows 8 / 8.1 (32/64) bit
Windows 10 (32/64) bit
Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard” and higher


class spy

Installation guide

Copy the file to the Crack folder where the software is installed.

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