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The description

DoNotSpy10 is the first anti-spyware tool for Windows 10. This program has a simple and straightforward user interface and allows you to improve your privacy in Windows 10. Microsoft has integrated many features in Windows 10 for debugging and error reporting ; These services help Microsoft provide better services to you by collecting information. But collecting and sharing data with the promise of global software may not be without risk. In Windows 10, there are services capable of recording the words typed with the keyboard, the words you speak, the sharing of Wi-Fi information with the list of contacts or network members, and other information.

This app helps you decide what to share and what data to block. Although many of this program’s settings can be enforced by Windows itself, some parts simply cannot be disabled in Windows. DoNotSpy10 has provided all these settings together in one program. With this program, you can easily disable features such as sharing handwriting related data, location, One Drive, showing passwords, sending biometric information. You can disable the automatic synchronization feature with devices connected to the system or close programs and windows access to the webcam, microphone, calendar and user account information. So it’s time for better privacy.

Features and Functionality of DoNotSpy10 Tool:

  • Free
  • Support for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
  • User interface in English and French
  • Simple and quiet user interface with very easy operation
  • Ability to disable different parts of Windows (privacy related)
  • And …

system required

.NET Framework 4.5 or higher


Do not spy10

Installation guide

This app is free.

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