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The description

Contact , the name of a versatile and handy piece of software that is the product of in-house programmers and developers. Rasktop software is a fast, stable and reliable tool to manage and access your system remotely. Considering that this software uses internal servers, therefore, your internet traffic will always be half price when using this software, and in this case you will save on your internet consumption. Using this software, you can also manage your work in two ways, help desk and mobile software.

You, dear users, will also be able to access the computer and the operating system of your choice anywhere in the world simply and at very high speed, and do the work you need. The software in front of you has very high and good security. The use of SSL protocol, the use of 2048-bit asymmetric encryption and the use of powerful anti-DDOS and Brute Force Protector provide very secure conditions for users. Moreover, the software in front of you is constantly developing and improving its working condition.

Rasktop Installations and Features

  • You can use this software without the need to just install and run the file
  • Use and benefit from the latest encryption technologies to increase user security
  • Quick access anywhere just by having your password
  • Apply access restrictions to keep your use safe
  • Provide connection reports for you
  • Get support and mobile software
  • Automatic update
  • And…

system required

Operating systems

Windows 10

Windows 8/8.1

Windows 7



Installation guide

This software is free.

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