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The description

cfosspeed is a software to improve internet bandwidth condition and in other words to increase internet speed. This software uses traffic shaping (Farsi Traffic Modeling) in Windows operating system will increase internet speed. Traffic shaping solution is not something strange, when we use different software, not all software necessarily consumes the same amount of bandwidth, what cfosspeed software does is that it tries to prioritize and intelligent bandwidth management minimizes bandwidth latency. After installing this program in the form of a device driver, it connects to the network stack and thus will be able to analyze information packets through the layer 7 protocols of the OSI model. A version of this software is supplied with a number of motherboards from the Gigabyte company under the name Gigabyte speed or with motherboards from the Ezrak company under the name XFast LAN.

How does cfosspeed increase internet speed?

This software classifies and prioritizes information packets based on various criteria such as user filters, program names, layer 7 protocols, port numbers or DSCP tags, etc. After that, these parcels are moved according to priority. In this way, the most important data is transferred earlier than the less important data, so even if a large amount of data is transferred at the same time, the traffic shaping technology of this software makes SSH, VNC, VoIP and This is because the sender sends the information only when the receiver has announced the receipt of the previous data. cfosspeed also tries to balance download speed by reducing the TCP window size.

Naturally, the software will not have a noticeable impact on your internet speed as soon as it is installed, apart from your proper settings, it will take some time for the software to know your internet situation and after that it will show its effect. It is that these software do not work miracles and will not offer a nominal speed higher than that of your Internet service provider, but only by optimizing the Internet situation, they will bring you maximum efficiency.

Features and Functions of cFosSpeed:

  • Increase and stabilize internet speed even with heavy uploads and downloads at the same time through different methods and algorithms
  • Wi-Fi access point to manage bandwidth on phones, tablets and other Wi-Fi consumers
  • Ping time optimization for online games
  • Reduce audio and video communication problems
  • Program status indicator in system tray
  • Useful charts and graphs
  • Technical references for professionals
  • Traffic shaping for P2P file sharing
  • Make game suggestions
  • Prioritize programs and ports
  • And …

system required

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Disk space: 100 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.



Installation guide

After installation, copy the file to the Crack folder where the program was installed.

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