Download CentOS 8.5 Build 2111 / Stream 8 Build 20220627 x64 – Free Software Download

The description

CentOS , the operating system name is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. CentOS is one of the most popular web server operating systems. As you know, Linux fans are increasing in recent years. The Linux-based operating system centOS is also widely used today. As mentioned, the main use of this operating system is in web servers.

CentOS operating system is known as an operating system with stable, predictable, controllable and recoverable capabilities. The feature that almost all Linux operating systems follow is the effort of the creators to extend and improve their product, and this operating system also benefits from this feature.

The CentOS operating system is developed by a small team. Having a superior ideology has also made this operating system different from other existing operating systems. The creators of this operating system are advancing their goals and improving this operating system with the help of active developers including various system administrators, network administrators, senior Linux contributors, and Linux enthusiasts.

system required

Recommended material

Red Hat recommends a minimum of 200 MB of disk space for a typical installation. Large test lab environments may require 2 GB to support full deployment, including product binaries, databases, and log files. Very large directories may require 4 GB and more

Red Hat suggests 256MB of RAM for medium environments and 1GB of RAM for large test lab environments for increased performance



Installation guide

All version download link is from main site and latest version download link is from Downloadly server.

CentOS Stream is the new superseded version of CentOS operating system and from the beginning of 2022, CentOS will no longer be released. Read more information here.

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