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The description

CCProxy is a very suitable and popular software for sharing internet cart and bandwidth with other network computers and also for setting up proxy servers. There are few programs on the market in this field and most of them are very complicated. Unlike competitors, this program is designed very simply and has simplified the work process. Your settings are done only once and can be activated and deactivated whenever you want with a button. CCProxy software supports all types of Internet connections, dial-up, DSL, cable, fiber optic, satellite, ISDN and DDN.

The procedure for working with the program is almost the same for all the mentioned connections. Another important use of this software is setting up proxy servers. These proxy servers are applicable for all types of HTTP, FTP, Mail, Socks, Telne, Https, etc. services. For example, maybe for some reason it is not possible to access a certain website in your geographic location, you can easily run CCProxy on another server in the world, like a dedicated VPS, and direct all your requests to the destination via this communication path.

This program has various features to control users connected to the server. For example, it is easily possible to grant access to users based on MAC address, IP, user and password. You will be able to limit access to the Internet content type. The program logs all connections and transactions made, and you can even see live what content your shared Internet is currently consuming. In this way, it will be possible to control bad users. The settings of this program are made once and it is possible to leave the settings and transfer them to other systems.

system required

CCProxy System Requirements

Windows 98 SE: [Windows 98 Second Edition, Win98 SE, Win 98 SE, Window 98]
Windows ME: [Windows Millennium Edition, Windows Me, Win ME, WinME, Window ME]
Windows 2000 (Server, Advanced Server, Professional): [Win2K, Win2000, Window 2000]
Windows NT: [Window NT, WinNT, SP4]
WinXP: [Window XP, WinXP, Win XP, SP1, SP2, SP3]
Windows 2003: [Window 2003, Win2003, Win 2003, Win2K3]
Windows Vista: [Window Vista, Win Vista, Vista, SP1]
Windows 7: [Window 7, Win 7, Win7]
Windows 2008:[Window 2008, Win2008, 2008, Win2008 R2]
Windows 8: [Window 8, Win 8, Win8]
Windows 2012: [Window 2012, Win2012, Win2012 R2]
Windows 10: [Windows 10 Preview]



Installation guide

Register the software using the Keygen available in the Crack folder.

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