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The description

All kinds of software are provided for Internet communication. From text and voice chat programs to professional and advanced video chat and video conferencing programs and… But have you ever felt the need to establish text, video and audio communication with members of your home’s internal network, company, organization or any other institution? Now, considering the security issues, in these cases, using the internet platform will definitely not be profitable due to the cost of traffic. Other than that, when all the users on the same network are within a few miles of each other, or even inside units in the same building, it doesn’t make sense to use the global internet platform. instead of sending messages directly! In this situation, Windows itself has provided simple text-based communication tools, but the problem with this messenger is that it’s too clean!

BigAnt Messenger is a very complete software to establish all kinds of text, voice and video conversations between users of a network. By using this program, network users can send messages in a safe and high-speed environment. Send files to each other. Make voice and video calls. The network administrator can also monitor all information transactions between users. This can be very useful for business organizations that monitor the status of their employees. The network administrator can restrict a specific user. Or block this user for a certain period of time.

Using this program, it is also possible to establish a remote desktop. In this case, the computer unit does not need to be present for any trivial problem. For example, an employee sends a message to the IT unit indicating that there is a problem. The computer unit quickly solves the problem of remote access to the desktop of the target system. This tool is very useful for network managers and we recommend you to use this messenger to increase the communication speed within your network.

BigAnt Office Messenger program features and functionality:

  • Beautiful and simple graphical environment
  • The ability to send various text, audio and video content without the need for the Internet
  • High speed of sending content thanks to the use of the network platform
  • High security due to no internet usage
  • The ability to control all information transactions by the network manager
  • Ability to control and create restrictions for specific users
  • The possibility of remote desktop on the desired system
  • Compatible with most versions of Windows
  • And …

System Requirements for BigAnt

Server machine system requirements:
BigAnt server does not require database installation, it installs with built-in database, and only if you have more than 100 users online, SQL server will be required.

Operating system requirements:
Windows Server such as Server 2003, 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 64bit/32bit all versions supported
It also works for Windows desktop/laptop, Windows
BigAnt Linux version is available, support Linux Centos7, please contact us for details
Hardware and software requirements vary depending on the volume of online users:
10 to 100 users: Intel Pentium processor or higher, 2 GB hard drive, 128 MB available memory
100 to 800 users: SQL server, dual-core Intel Pentium processor or better, 20 GB hard drive, 2 GB available memory
More than 800 up to 5000 users: SQL Server, Dual physical CPU or higher, 200 GB hard disk, 8 GB of available memory

System requirements for client computers:
Operating system requirements:
NT/Windows 2000/XP/2003/vista/2008/7/2010 all versions supported
Hardware and software requirements vary depending on the volume of online users:
Intel Pentium/AMD processor or better, 2 GB hard drive, 128 MB available memory

Network bandwidth:
This BigAnt messenger requires very low bandwidth for text chat and takes average 5KB per user for video/voice chat, and more bandwidth required when transferring files, to save bandwidth, you can disable video/voice chat and file transfer features for particular users, this can be found in the server console/user/role management settings.

Images of BigAnt

BigAnt Messenger

Installation guide

It is given in the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder. In the server version, after applying the patch, run the BigAnt Console shortcut on the desktop or start menu and click Activate in the console home -> Registration Details section and enter a desired phrase for part 1 and part 2. and click Activate. The software is now ready to use. The default user information is as follows:

User: Administrator

Password: 123456

Version 5.2 was successfully installed and activated on Windows 10 64-bit edition on February 20, 1400.

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